Who am I?

I am passionate about the physical body, mine as well as yours, and I’ve been studying how to maintain it as a healthy vessel for many years.  My early nursing experiences revealed a psychological disconnection between my patient’s physical body, emotional state and thinking processes, so I undertook studies to understand the neurophysiological links between thinking, doing and knowing. To that end, I studied anatomy, neurophysiology and dance, expecting to use those skills as a movement therapist.

I have been able to attain that goal, yet I have come to it in by an indirect path, one that has had interruptions for school, family and other working experiences that can be considered strictly medical.  What I have found is that I have a large bag of skills that are useful in many areas, including single office workstations, industrial workstations, population assessments, software coaching, teaching and generally improving the health of the clients I come in contact with.

During a period of strict ergonomic consultation with industry I had an a-ha moment discovering the link between ergonomics and wellness.  Since ergonomic evaluation deals questions about discomfort or injury associated with work and if the discomforts carry over to time away from work I became aware of the baseline health status of my clients.  I realized that work relates to health but health status relates to work.  So Wellness efforts are a natural outcome of ergonomic programs and can be married to improve the health and safety signature within the organization and between its employees and managers.



About Beverly Burke

A mover who applies her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, medicine, biomechanics, change behavior to her work with organizations and individuals.
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  1. Hi, this is a a place to blog about wellness, ergonomics and health.

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