Ergonomics, the study of work,  is also known as Human Factors. It is a scientific analysis of the interaction between human beings and the work they do, the environments where the work takes place, and the tools they use to do the work.  The purpose of the analysis is to improve the design of the area under study in a manner to optimize the physical capacity of the human beings and the work they produce. Ergonomists evaluate work loads, work tools, work layouts and environments, while providing solutions to improve them.  Results of ergonomic analysis are: improved health, production, and efficiency of the worker.   Without healthy workers, a company is less able to survive competition.

My approach to ergonomics is through the application of medical and neuroscientific information, as these fields support safe biomechanics, improve cognitive processes, and healthy movement.  Ergonomics seeks to improve human performance.


Office and Industrial Ergonomics

  • Risk Analysis
  • Furniture selection/evaluation
  • Tool selection/evaluation
  • Light, natural and interior lighting
  • Desk-top devices
  • Software evaluation
  • End User based Action Research
  • Management Training


  • Americans with Disabilities, ADA
  • Veterans
  • Return to work
  • Activities of daily living



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