What is wellness?

Wellness means different things to different people, but largely wellness refers our knowledge about ourself and the way we act to optimize healthy behavior or not.  The major paths to improving our personal wellness signature is the food we eat, how much and what kind, and the amount of exercise we do to maintain ourselves as healthy individuals.  There is a wide deviation in any prescription for wellness because each person has their own physical capability based on their size, strength, and ability.  The amount of exercise we do and the food we choose will be different for each of us.

Wellness and Dis-ability

As mentioned above an individuals wellness prescription is unique to them.  Persons born with (congenital), or having acquired medical disease condition may have prescriptive diets or restrictive exercise ability.  Diet and exercise, the main building blocks of Wellness are unique to the individual. Wellness is NOT one size fits all.

Dis-ability is a term used to describe a reduction in ability: birth defect, genetics, medical conditions, exposure to environmental toxins or extreme overwork, or accidents.   The list is long to encourage each reader to consider their own dis-ability.  Our different abilities make each one of us unique, yet we are all citizens of the human race.


Yoga is a practice of movement and stillness. The purpose of yoga is self-awareness. Yoga practice stimulates flexibility, strength, endurance and balance.

I teach yoga in the Iyengar style with a focus on alignment. I use Bartenieff-Fundamentals to add simple movements that improve body awareness.

Individual and group classes are available by request.  For individuals or groups with restrictions, consent of the instructor must be obtained.

Please use the contact page to make inquires.


Fibromyalgia is a dis-ease of the physical system that affects the person with multi-site pain and the expected fatigue that would result from repetitive or sustained painful events.


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